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Full Spectrum Ellipsometer SE950

Full Spectrum Ellipsometer SE950
Product name:  Full Spectrum Ellipsometer SE950
Detailed introduction:


A variety of functional materials

Optical constant measurement and spectral characteristic analysis

Application area:

Microelectronics and Semiconductors, Flat Panel Displays, Optoelectronics, Photovoltaic Solar Cells,
      Biochemical engineering, optical coating, nanotechnology, online real-time process control

Optical principle:

The polarization of the light wave during the short time from touching the surface of the optical component to leaving the surface of the optical componentThe state (polarization state) will definitely change. An ellipsometer is an instrument used to measure the change in polarization state before and after light waves penetrate an optical component or reflect from the surface of an optical component. BecauseThis change in polarization state is the result of the interaction between light waves and optical component materials, soThe physical characteristics of the surface of the optical component can be deduced from the change of the polarization state. HereThe surface of the so-called optical component may be the surface of the optical component, or it may be a single-layer film or multi-layerThe stack of films, which may also be a contamination layer on the surface of optical components.
      Light is reflected by a non-zero incident angle to the sample surface, due to the thickness of the sample and its response to light (Absorptive or transparent...) to produce a change in polarization state (produce a change in phase and amplitude), this measurement The method we call ellipsometer measurement. For each wavelength during measurement, we get two independent parametersvalues Ψ and △